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Every successful solar power project starts with a free consultation and a free quote. Our solar consultants can help you find out the benefits of solar panel installation, including the incredible amount of money you can save on your electricity bills. We will initially ask you a few easy questions regarding your home energy use, and financial goals. It’s quick and easy for us to provide you with the perfect solar solution to fit in your home.

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MS Green Solar are the one stop solar solutions for residential and commercial applications in California United States . We are here to connect you with natures renewable energy, providing you with the most efficient solar solution available on the market! Making the choice to install our solar energy system with our solar power panels installer can bring you a wealth of savings with the additional peace of mind as you help the environment!

MS Green Solar is the trusted market leader in providing the highest quality solar panel installation to a wide range of residential and commercial applications across United States including California. These include rooftop, ground, and carport solar solutions all around California, Texas, Washington, New York, and all other regions of United States.

Don’t take our word for it though, read the one-stop firsthand testimonies of the individuals and companies which have experienced the benefit our solar panel installation has brought them!

Solar power panels make use of the very latest in renewable technology such as arrays of photovoltaic power cells. This cutting-edge solar power panels technology can convert sunlight into electricity, consequentially powering anything that is attached to them. Think, space heaters, water heaters, cooking appliances, your pool, and central heating.

Imagine the joy that you will experience when our solar power panels installer has finished implementing our technology and you are never again hit with sky-high electricity bills! You will be free to save thousands of dollars right back into your pocket, forever!

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One of the main reasons that US power systems are so desirable is due to their incredibly powerful capabilities. Consequentially, no matter what your requirement, weather it be solar power solutions for residential or commercial solar energy applications MS Green Solar Panels installers have you covered.  We can provide the perfect solar panel installation for any and every premise within United States!

Most heating and cooling loss occurs around windows and doors in your household and through the attic; causing your home’s HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) to work harder than necessary, leading to higher power bills.

Once you have MS Green solar power panels installed within your household, you will not believe the consistent and substantial savings that you receive on your utility bills.

We are proud of our work saving the every-day Australian money, and parade examples of our work so you can see with your own eyes the unbelievable savings and power that our solar solutions are able to bring you.

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The fact most of our business to this day is through word of mouth, now that’s really because just the way we do things and people like us, people trust us, they recognize our expertise, we really make it simple and when you do somethings so right, you just want to tell other people about it, so people tell their friends, neighbours, relatives, work colleagues and so on.

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My parents got their system through MS Green Solar and raved about how good they were. After shopping around for months and months I decided to go with them as well and haven’t regretted my decision. The quality of products was my main concern and they provided a lot of options to choose from. Their installers are professional and friendly and we got told by the inspector they did a great job and know their stuff. From start to finish their customer service team have guided me through the process and I couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend!!
Anna Cynthia

Best price for Best product. Installed our solar 2 months ago. We have been very happy with the service so friend would definitely recommend lt further.

Joelle Reign
Having MS Green Solar was one of the correct decisions I have made for our new home. I’ve known them through a close friend of mine, who also installed through them. The person we dealt with us, as well as their installers, were excellent. I’ve already recommended MS Green solar to others.
Margaret Suzanne